A project bringing together football shirt design with some of the world’s most famous typefaces

Introducing TypeKits™, a mash up of football (soccer) jerseys inspired and influenced by famous typefaces, designers, and typographers. The project has already been featured in global football magazine Four-Four-Two before it has even had launched. I love futty and I love typefaces. So, one random day I just had the idea of ‘what if I mashed these two loves together?’ And so began the TypeKits journey. What was intended to just be a one off jersey quickly started to spark new ideas that brought more parallels between football and design. The history, the men behind them and the passion people feel for them. 

So, there is a story built into each design that’s either referencing the country of origin, a historical story behind the typeface, or it’s just trying to get into the mindset of the typographer/designer as if they were designing the kits themselves.  This first edition showcases the initial 6 of 12 teams that have been worked on. I believe there’s a real market for this product globally, whether it’s direct to consumer, or working with foundries and museums to supply their own stores with wholesale product. Either way... YOU ONLY SING WHEN YOU’RE KERNING! 

Mark Jenkinson - Creative Director, Limepickle LLC. 

Founder, TypeKits™